Ramadhan desserts ( part 28)
ابو حنظلة محمد زهر
B) solat
Assolat is also always refer to as azzikr. When a person perform his prayer, he is actually conversing with
his Lord. It's a communication between the creation with his creator, between the slave and his Lord. And what best way of making zikrullah standing up than in the form of solat?
C) tasbihat, tahmid, takbir etc
These are the most common type of zikrullah. The words are recited with the tongue, felt with the hearts. Once an Alim advised me that when you are saying subhanallah, say it with remembering its meaning, marveling his power & felt it in your heart. When saying allahuakbar with the greatness of Allah in mind and saying alhamdulillah with making thanks in our hearts for all the bounties and blessings from Him remembering and reminiscing on the nikmats that we have. This is better than saying it in your tongue with our hearts blank or remembering other things. There are a lot of Hadith on some of these tasbihat but will not be elaborated here. And these form
Of zikrullah can be done anytime but the emphasis from the Quran is to make zikrullah in the morning (after fajr) and evening (after Asar), after daily prayers etc.
D) alazkar warid derived and taught by/from the prophet saw.
These types of azkar is well documentedj in the books of Hadith and alhamdulillah can be found in many small booklets such as hisn muslim etc. These authentic zikr is very important and taught us what to say in every condition and situation. In this way all our actions will be considered ibadah and saved from the evils of syaithan and Jinns.
E) doa (will not be elaborated here due to time constraints)
F) seeking knowledge
A majlis of taalim is also always referred as majlis of zikr. Every step taken towards knowledges is considered as zikrullah.

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