Friday, August 3, 2012

ramadhan desserts 10

Ramadhan desserts (part 10)
أبو حنظلة محمد زهري
Nasara- Christians
Among the characteristics of this group mentioned in the Quran are 1)lying about Allah swt knowingly ;2) innovating the Deen and changing them ;3) ascribing partners with Allah swt ; 4) taking their priests 'arbaban'- giving them divinity; and etc
As we can see that they had changed the Words of Allah swt and this also serves as a warning not to change any of His words and commands as to our own whims and desire lest we shall also be grouped with them in the day of judgement. And regarding the innovation of Deen, we can clearly see that their rituals and prayers, hymn and singing are all innovated which was not done and performed by Isa as or shown by him. therefore Muslims must not fall to the same as Allah swt had completed the Deen with Rasullulah saw. We must also take extra note on not to ascribe any partners to Allah swt and just like the nasara, they gave attributes of rabb to their priests such as infallibility or power to forgive sins etc.
From this short but important surah, we had learn so many things and as a summary:
A) principles, characteristics and guidelines of a believer- he always start his every actions with alhamd ( praise and syukr) to His creator, always feel the greatness of Allah in his heart, knowing & understang His great mercy and not lose hope, conscience that he will be judge for his actions in a situation where there's no help except by his mercy, putting his believe in practice in proper ibadah, reaching the state of tawakkul reliance on Him and perfection of Iman, and always asking for guidance by following and emulating the people who had been given Guidance and not following the characteristics of the yahud and nasara which had been explained by Allah swt in His Book

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