Ramadhan desserts ( part 24)
ابو حنظلة محمد زهري
But once these entities (sun, moon) does not follow their orbits, that is the time of qiyamah. So does the 'qiyamah' in the family will occur if every member transgress the limits ordained by Him. As the eclipse is the sign of Hour, the constant 'collision' of the moon and sun (husband & wife)is the sign of Hour!
SUN- is giving out light brightens the world and becomes the source of life biznillah. So does the father has the role to brightens the family with nur Islam and iman and become the source of growth and life. However we can't have day 24hrs as we need night for the continuity of life.
Moon- the moon obtained its light from the sun. So by right the husband are responsible for the light of Deen in his wife. The light from the moon is so pleasing and beautiful to the eye. Thats why the mother had a role to nurture her kids and she is pleasing and beautiful in nature to the family.
Stars- they are in fact suns, some may be brighter than the sun while others are not. So does the children, they have the potentials of the father in Deen , some may outshine him while others not. But even though they are present in the day, they are not seen due to the brightness of the sun, but once the sun goes, they will light up the sky beautifully with the moon. This also shows a special relationship between mother and her children. And stars are made for 1) beautification for the sky, so does the children are suppose to beautify the family. 2) guides for travelers, they will also be beacons and guide for the astray by becoming the beacons of hidayah.
And there are many more we can talk about this parable but Inshaallah this will serve as the appetizer for now.
May Allah swt make all fathers as the sun, brightening up their family with iman and Islam, beautify all mothers with the light and as the apple of the eye and all children to be the qurratun ain - beauty of the eye and beacon of guidance to others. Amin

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