Ramadhan desserts ( part 2 )
أبو حنظلة محمد زهري
And as the surah first started with alhamd, so does everything in our life, we should start the day and every of our actions ( whether the actions involves our worldly or hereafter)  with praising & giving thanks to Allah swt. 
رب العالمين - lord of the worlds
The word Rab is always translated as Lord, however in Arabic it means a whole lot more. It also means the sustainer, cherisher, controller , owner and many more. The word aalamin shows that not only He controls this world but all the worlds whether seen or unseen, known to the mankind or unknown, the world that we had experienced such as the Alam arruh in which all souls of mankind testified on His Rububiyah, or the world on which we will experience soon such as barzakh (after death), qiyamah, hashr (gathering), Jannah or Jahannam.
From this we learnt that the One we are praising and giving thanks is not just anybody but the One who is the lord of all worlds, the controller and cherisher. When we read this verse it is incumbent upon ourselves to feel the awe of His greatness and grandeur. And if we understand and feel this everytime we read this verse and this surah, Inshaallah the prayer will be accepted and we know that the only way to lead our life is to gain the favours of the One who controls everything.
والله أعلم

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