Inshaallah due to the massive rewards for all good deeds in this blessed month of the Quran, I will try to get a share of it by spending a few minutes daily sharing some bits on the Quran so we can all get some benefits from it. Wallahualam bissowab 
أخوكم في الله 
أبو حنظلة محمد زهري
Ramadhan Desserts ( part 1 )
Alfatihah, which is the opening surah for the Quran is  the most important surah in which a normal
Muslim recites at least 17x daily. According to many scholars this surah was revealed not once but twice , once in Makkah and another time in medina. This shows the importance of this surah. This surah has many names such as ummul kitab, as syifa, sabatul mathani and many more. This surah taught us the pillars of this Deen, our motto of life, manners of doa and in fact the guidelines on how a muslim should conduct his daily life. Inshaallah these are just some bits of it for everybody benefit.
الحمد لله رب العالمين.
الحمد' Many translates it as 'the praise.
However due to the inadequacy of English language , it can't capture the whole essence of the Arabic. Alhamd comprises of 2 main components: a)الثناء -praise or compliment & b) الشكر- thanks. So alhamd means that all praise and thanks to Allah. Praising w/o thanks is still not complete. Praising with the sense of gratitude for all He has done  and gives us, in our hearts, tongues and showing it in our actions. So a Muslim must always praise Him as no one is worthy to praise except Him and shows his thanks to Him always. It also shows us the manner of making doa in which we starts the doa with alhamd....

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