Thursday, September 9, 2010

Adab & Sunnah in the day of Eid

  1. To wear the best of his/her clothes
  2. The Prophet saw had a special clothes in which he wore in the day of Eid
  3. To eat something before going out for the Eid prayer
  4. There is no mimbar in the place of Eid prayer
  5. The best location for the Eid prayer is in an open field/place.
  6. There is no azan and iqomah for the Eid prayer. Eid prayer are started without them.
  7. To sit in the Eid sermon after the prayer
  8. To hasten the Eid Adha prayer and to delay the Eid Fitr prayer.
  9. A lot of charity. The Prophet saw will open up his Amamah (turban) to collect Sadaqah to give to the poor.
  10. It is a sunnah for the khatib to give a special nasihah (advice) for the womenfolk after the Eid khutbah (sermon)
  11. No sunnah prayer before and after the Eid prayer
  12. Are not allowed to bring weapons, especially those are not sheath
  13. Sunnah to make alot of takbir in aloud voice during the Eid (until before the Eid prayer for Eid Fitr)
  14. Even womenfolk who are in their menses or children are encouraged to come for the Eid prayer place, hearing the sermon, making the takbir
  15. There is a sutrah in front of the Imam during the prayer
  16. Reading 'Sabbhisma rabikkal 'ala' in the first rakaat and 'Hal ataka hadisul ghosiyyah' in the second rakaat. The Prophet saw also had read 'Qof wal quranil majid' in the first rakaat and 'Iqtirabis saah' in the second.
  17. To use a different route than the normal route when going to the Eid prayer location
  18. To go and return from the Eid prayer in a different route.

  19. To shorten the prayer and lengthen the khutbah and increase the numbers of takbir

    Taqaballahu minna wa minum

    PS – When The Eid falls on Friday (also an Eid), that is 2 eid in a day, what are the ruling on Eid and Jumuaah prayers? There is alot of discussions going on and fatwas. A friend of mine asked me is it okay to leave the Friday prayer if he had fulfilled the Eid prayer as he heard the Eid prayer is suffice

    The fiqh discussion is quite long for this matter and I did not have the time to type. So in short, according to my limited knowledge, it all came back to the hukm (ruling) of the Eid prayer.

    So if he took the ruling that Eid prayer is Sunnat Muakkadah (supererogatory), then it is not allowed for him to leave the Friday Prayer. If he believed that Eid Prayer is Wajib (compulsory) than he may pray Jumuah or leave Jumuaah and just pray Zuhr (his choice). Wallahualam

    Why? Because the sunnat cannot cover the Wajib but the wajib can cover the sunnat. This is a standard in all rulings *(hukm).

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