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Menstruating women reading and touching the Quran

Menstruation women reading and touching the Quran 
Verily the scholars differ regarding menstruating women reading and touching the Quran . 

Reading the Quran 
a) it is prohibited 
 jumhur ulama - majority of the scholars are in view that it is prohibited  for menstruating women to read the Quran. In this category they differs in the prohibition. 1) Some prohibit it as itlaq (blanket prohibition) 2) while others in this category prohibit it generally except for special circumstances such as hafizah who need to revise in case she will forgets or a female teacher teaching deen n Quran or a student who need to memories or learn the Quran or saving the Quran and etc. 3) while others said the prohibition only in reciting in by lisan (audibly). But reading by heart or silently is ok.
Some of the proofs of this prohibition are:
Hadith of the prophet saw
لاَ تَقرَأِ الْحَا ءضُ َوَلاََ الْجُنُبُ شَيْئًا مِنَ الْقُرْانِ
do not read a menstruation woman or those in junub anything from the Quran 
(termizi n bayhaqi)
N some of other ahadith in the same meaning.
This is the view majority of the sahabah and fuqaha.
2) it is not prohibited
This is a view of some scholars such as imam bukhori, Ibn hajar etc and some of the companions such as Ibn Abbas 
1)According to the scholars the ahadith that prohibit the menstruation from reciting the Quran are weak. There is no  Hadith sohih in the prohibition. 
2) And also the prophet saw send the letter to other non Muslim rulers with the Quran in it and this show it's permissibility. Some may argue that is not the whole Quran however the argument is that the whole Quran was only been compiled after the prophet's death so what Quran is been prohibited? Partly or whole. Not mentioned in any textual proofs. If using the hadith earlier, even part of it is prohibited.
And some other adilah (proofs) not mentioned here as it will get lengthy.
It is up to any individual. If he feels that the first opinion is more sound, so incumbent upon him that no reading I Quran unless he is free from hadath. However if he feels that the second opinion is stronger, he can use it. For matter of differences in opinion with both sound proofs, it is better to have an open minded heart and respect each other opinion. 
When someone asked me of my stand, I prefer the second opinion. Why?
Usually I always take the opinion
Of majority unless certain areas such as this. This is because of 
1) taysiril ummah- make it easy for ummah.
When there are two opinions both with sound textual proofs, I will go to the one which is easier for the ummah as this is what been taught by the prophet saw. Make it easy for the ummah.
2) al istifadhah, ayyuhuma aksar- the benefits derived from it. Which one has more benefits.
From my limited and weakness, the benefits in the second opinion is more such as in :
a) taalim wa taalum- teaching n learning
There will be no disruption in teaching n learning the Quran and Deen.  Especially for  those studying to memorize the Quran etc or teaching in madrasah or etc.
b) taqarrub ilallah- closeness to Allah swt
As we know that the Quran has special effect to the hearts, surrounding etc. heart or even house devoid of the recitation of the Quran is like a deserted house in which syaithan is taking over them. By making heart devoid of this recitation will cause it to be more prone to attacks from the syaithan.
c) dakwah- invitating someone to Islam
Such as the action of the prophet saw in sending letters to rulers with Quran in it. We can also seen story of a young sahabah who been elected as an imam for his clan when he is not reached puberty coz he had memorize the most of Quran among his people, in whic he memorize them before embracing Islam n making baiah to the prophet saw.

Touching the Quran 
a) it is prohibited 
and this is also the opinion of majority of scholars and companions
The proof is from
1) إنه لقرآن كريم في كتاب مكنون لا يمسه إلا المطهرون تنزيل من رب العالمين
..... Is not touched except those who are pure (al waqiaah)
2) the Hadith of the prophet saw
- لا تمس القرآن إلا وأنت طاهر
You do not touch the Quran except you are clean
- لا يمس القرآن إلا طاهر
Don't touch the Quran except clean person
Both Hadith are sohih Inshaallah 

b) it is not prohibited.
Some of the adilah is the same with reading the Quran such as the letters send to the non Muslim. 
Also they understand from the ayah
1) إنه لقرآن كريم في كتاب مكنون لا يمسه إلا المطهرون تنزيل من رب العالمين
The pure ones are the angels as from the overall of the ayah is mentioning Abt the angels bringing down the Quran from luh Mahfouz and explained many mufaasirin such as Ibn kathir.
Also they understand from the Hadith
That athohir or clean person mentioned are Muslim . A Muslim is always clean as mentioned in one hadith 'subhannallah ya aba hurairah, a Muslim will never become najas'
Just as the case of recitation of the Quran , those who feel the first opinion is stronger and more safer , tafadhol and those who thinks the latter is more sound, he is also free to do so.

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