Sunday, July 7, 2013

If sin smells

If sin smells....
Countdown to ramadhan 
(2 more days) by abuhanzolah

Yes, if every sin we do give out smells, what will become of us? Nobody will like to be near us!
Just imagine, for every solat we misses or delays, we will emit pungent continuous smell in which no amount of perfume can eradicate it. Or every ursury we took or give will give out smells that can give us misery, or every curses or backbiting will give repulsive smell that could bite the nose out of the ones near us, or every oogling of girls will give a mind boggling smell that will cause tears to the smeller, or every bad intentions or malice or hate in our hearts will emit incorrigible and horrible smell that will rot the hearts of the ones smelling it, and so on and so on. 
I will clearly say that nobody will want to be near us, let alone be or close friend.
But Allah swt the most gracious had made a veil for all of us as he is as-sittir wa as-Sattar. If he opens up all our shortcomings n bad deeds, we will not know what will become of us.
So let's start asking for His forgiveness so that we will start this coming ramadhan with a clean slate. We don't have to wait for ramadhan to start asking for Taubah and istighfar coz 1) we may not even have the opportunity to meet ramadhan however close we are to it; 2) our sins are too numerous and enourmous so why not start now; 3) the prophet saw who is protected and forgiven from sins everyday make 70x Taubah and istighfars, so who are we for not doing the same.
Sometimes we are not doing Taubah due to various reasons such as follows:

1) no hope. 
Some people believe that there is no hope for them due to their numerous mistakes and sins. Don't. Allah swt forgives sins even  how great or many they are. Just start returning to Him. Make the first step, He will do the rest. There's no bigger door than the door of Allah swt forgiveness.
2) too confident of themselves
Yes many people think they are good already. "Others are in more problematic state than mine. I had already prayed and fast and read Quran. I already  go to the mosque. I am chairman of an Islamic society , mosque etc u noe. My family are pious. Don't worry god is forgiving. I had made a lot of sacrifices for deen. I study here and there. I had done this and that....'"
These are all dangerous thoughts. Just as a word of reminder. Nobody among us, whether he is an alim, or big syaikh or maulana, or so called wali, or student of knowledge or pillar and supporter of dakwah movements or etc has been certified jannah dwellers. In fact nobody among us has been guaranteed to die as a Muslim ! The khatib every Friday reminds us with Allah swt words : " don't ever you all die except when you are all muslimun". May Allah swt save us and give us husnul khotimah. Look at our beloved prophet saw. How's his actions are? He prayed till his feets blistered. How Abt his companions such as Abu Bakar . He was guaranteed paradise but he kept on crying for Allah swt forgiveness . So who are we to act high and mighty. 
In fact iman is between hope and fear. Hoping for His forgiveness and fear of not getting His pleasure. Hope without fear is wishful thinking and arrogance. Fear without hope is lackness in iman and understanding His great qualities and attributes thus will also result in depression and faithless.
3) seeing sins as a small matter.
Yes due to weak iman, we sometimes see sins as insignificant. A real mukmin when he does a sin as though as a mountain is going to fall on him. Whereas a fasiq when he does a sin, it just like a fly flying near him. He just shoo-ed it away. Allah swt describe believers : "when they hears Allah 's name / or being mentioned His name, their hearts trembles"
4) too used to the sins that it becomes part of our lives.
Yes when we are used to a particular sin, that we we think it is ok although we knew from the Quran and sunnah that it is prohibited. Well everybody is doing it so I am ok. For eg, when we gets used to seeing a half naked girls, we will got not feel anything when seeing them and does not feel it is a sin. So does other sins such as backbiting whether in a real sense or now online such as via social networks and platform . It becomes a part of our life trolling, cursing ..etc
In an authentic Hadith the prophet saw said : whoever amongst you a mungkar, he has to change it with his hands, if not able to, he has to change it with his tongue , and If not possible too, he has change it with his heart and that is the lowest of iman". So what is the state of our iman. Sadly sometime not dat we hate the sin but nauzubillah we enjoys the sins and love it. 
5) or when the sins we do we think is a Good deed.
This usually occurs on innovation in the ibadah or worship of Allah swt. When a deed is passed or masked as a part of the deen, the doer will not realize it and thus will pose danger to the doer as he does not know that he is doing a sin instead. For normal sin, a doer knew that he is doing a sin but due to weakness in his iman he does it, and this he acknowledge it and possibly in his heart that he will make amends and do Taubah. But if he does not knew that he is doing a sin and believe it is a good deed, how can he make Taubah? For eg action of making prostration to a Syeikh due to his awe, whereas there are numerous ahadith assohihah that clearly prohibits the action. How can he make Taubah when in his heart he thinks he is doing the right thing. May Allah swt guides us all. We have to return back to the main source of deen,  Quran and sunnah.
6) when he thinks his time is still long.
Yes I am still young so I got years later to make Taubah . But hard facts there are dead youngs everyday. So start now.

And many other reasons too. The main idea is that we all, especially myself have to start making Taubah everyday, especially before ramadhan so that we will celebrate this ramadhan with a clean heart and pure soul, and if you have time, spare some of your doa for me and my family
جزاكم الله خيرا

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  1. A good reminder for this sinful soul... May Allah gives Taufiq to make Istighfar and perform Taubah. May He accepts and be pleased...