Saturday, September 10, 2016

Munaqashah mlm hari
Someone asked me after a dars 'why did you said that to leave acts of ibadah which are not been done by the Prophet saw and his companions ranhum eventhough even it is good and proven to be good?'
So i answered him:
The answer is actually very simple and you dont need to be a skyrocket muhaddith to answer it or bring all the dalils from the Quran and Sunnah ( tho the dalils on this subject are more than plentiful)
1) probability of acceptance
If you know a business which is profitable w/o any probability of loss (100%) and a business which there is a probabilty of failure or loss even it is small (w the same profit, capital, work) which one will you choose? Of course we will choose the one with no probability of loss n failure.
Hence the same with the matters of Aqidah and Rituals of Ibadah. If it is been shown by the prophet saw and accepted by him, hence 100% acceptance from the One who send him. But if i was to do something in the ritual of ibadah which are not endorsed by him although it looks good, proven good in the eyes of mankind, but will it have been confirmed accepted by Him? The probability of non acceptance is there. Why take the risk bro? Especially on things that concerns your hereafter.
2) pandoras box
By performing something which had not been shown by the prophet saw and his companions is just like opening the pandoras box. By opening it you are creating or corrupting the rituals that is been confirmed and adding or making the rituals more complex, difficult etc..just like what the nasora did to their religion that now if you see in their ritual prayers, none can be attributed back to their Prophet as. Slowly it will erode and corrupt the pureness of the approved rituals with the new addition however sensational it is. Thats why we asked from Allah swt at least 17 a day to be not of the maghdub alaihim (yahud) and dhollin (nasora). Why, the yahud they change their religion to their own whims and desires while the nasora they just do the religion w/o knowledge and do what they seem good and like. 
3) for my own safety during the hisab
So that i will be safe of course. Kiasu aper.
For eg when asked by Allah swt why dont you do this act of worship (which are not shown by the prophet saw), i can confidently said that i had not known that it was been done by the prophet saw so i dont dare to 'pandai-pandai nak lawan tauke'. So i dont do it. If i know the he saw done it i will surely do it.
Rather than when asked why i do this act of worship which are not shown by the prophet saw, and then i had to answer ..hmm coz it is good..hmm coz the others do it...coz the ustaz say so..hmm coz my intention is good...coz theres an indication that it is good from the sunnah tho the prophet and his companions did not do it..hmm wah so difficult man
So who will be more safer in this case. 

Religion is simple so make it simple bro. 
Then he asked me a last question before departing, ' then taking a car to masjid, studying deen in university, seminars, road show dakwah also not shown by the prophet saw and the companions.. So cant do?'
I smiled, ' Bro that is not aqidah or Rituals of ibadah at all. 😁. Dont be confused. Alat of tasbih, degree and diploma courses in islamic studies, categorising knowledges for easy understanding, making specific dakwah methods like magazine, lectures, seminars etc and even global dakwah day to promote dakwah or hijab day to make awareness of hijab to Muslim and non muslim are clearly not Rituals of Ibadah'
Wallahualam bissowab

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